06 April 2014

#148 The human influences on the ecosystem

The use of modern technology resulted in increased food production.

  • Increasing use of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides  à levels of nutrients in the soil, kill insect pests, kill weeds à crop yields.
  • Use of modern machinery (tractors, combined harvesters) à manage land and crop more efficiently.
  • Artificial selection to produce varieties of plants suited to particular climates and soil types, and breeds of animal for specific purposes (optimum meat, milk, wool production).
  • Use of yeast and bacteria in the large-scale production of breads, beer and wine, yoghurt and cheese. Single-cell protein and fungi are used to produce meat substitutes.
  • Use of medicines such as antibiotics, hormones and artificial insemination techniques in intensive animal rearing.
  • Use of plant hormones in plant growing and fruit production.
  • Use of genetic engineering and cloning techniques to produce organisms to produce hormones…
  • Development of systems to water plants in greenhouses automatically and to grow plants in nutrient solutions (hydroponics).
  • Use of satellites to monitor crop development, observe crop diseases and assess the need for additional fertilizer.
  • Development of intensive farming and automated feeding mechanisms. 

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