15 October 2021

Physics - handwritten notes (Coordinated Sciences 0654)

Here are the handwritten notes for Physics 2022 from the CIE IGCSE syllabus for Coordinated Sciences 0654. Similar to the Chemistry notes, you can download these notes chapter-by-chapter by hovering over the upper right-hand corner of each pdf and following its link. 

Let me know if there's anything else you need that could aid your studies.


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P1. Motion

P1.1. Length and time: equipment to measure, SI units
P1.2. Motion: velocity, speed, acceleration, free fall
P1.3. Mass and weight
P1.4. Density: displacement, floating
P1.5. Forces: 
  • effects of forces: extension-load graph, resultant force, friction, 
  • the turning effect, achieving equilibrium
  • center of mass, stability
  • pressure

P2. Work, energy and power

P2.1. Work
P2.2. Energy: kinetic energy (KE), gravitational potential energy (GPE), energy transfer, efficiency
P2.3. Power
P2.4. Energy sources: renewable vs. non-renewable sources

P3. Thermal Physics

P3.1. Simple kinetic molecular model of matter: intermolecular bonds, kinetic theory, temperature
P3.2. Pressure changes: temperature, volume, pressure
P3.3 Matter & Thermal properties: thermal expansion, real-life application and consequences
P3.4. Measurement of temperature
  • measurements, plotting graphs
  • thermometers: sensitivity + range, liquid-in-glass, thermocouples
P3.5. Thermal properties: conduction, convection, thermal radiation, consequences of energy transfer

P4. Waves including light and sound

P4.1. General wave properties: 
  • wave motion: wavefronts, frequency
  • transverse and longitudinal waves
  • wave effects: reflection, refraction, diffraction
P4.2. Light: 
  • reflection
  • refraction
    • investigating refraction
    • application: optical fibres
  • thin converging lenses
P4.3. Electromagnetic spectrum: transverse waves, visible light, other waves, safety issues
P4.4. Sound: longitudinal waves, investigating speed of sound

P 5, 6, 7. Electricity and Magnetism

P5. Electricity and Magnetism
  • P5.1. Simple phenomena of magnetismmagnetic field lines, magnetic materials, induced magnetism
  • P5.2. Electrical quantities: 
    • electrical charge, electric field
    • current, potential difference, electromotive force
    • resistance, current-voltage (IV) graphs
P6. Electric circuits
  • P6.1. Circuit diagrams
  • P6.2. Series and parallel circuits: + thermistors, light-dependent resistors (LDRs)
  • P6.3. Electrical energy: power, energy
  • P6.4. Dangers of electricity: fuses
P7. Electromagnetic effects
  • P7.1. Magnetic effect of an electric current: magnetic field strength + direction
  • P7.2. Force on a current-carrying conductor
  • P7.3. d.c. motor: split-ring commutator
  • P7.4. Electromagnetic induction
  • P7.5. a.c. generator: slip rings, voltage output

P8. Atomic Physics

P8.1. The nuclear atom
  • alpha, beta, gamma
  • ionising effect
P8.2. Radioactivity
  • applications: measuring thickness of metals, tracers, radiotherapy, sterilization
  • detection: photographic film, Geiger-Muller tubes, ionisation chambers, cloud chamber
  • radioactive decay
  • half-life
  • safety precautions


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