26 February 2023

Biology - handwritten notes (Coordinated Sciences 0654)

Finally, the long-awaited Biology notes for
 the IGCSE CIE 2023-2024 syllabus (0654 Coordinated Sciences) is here! They can be downloaded in full or by chapter (by following their respective links). 

Time to get crackin' for this exam season, folks. Happy studying :)

Many graphics are from Save My Exams. I do not own these graphics.

Other notes:

[Download] Full PDF


  1. Hey Emma, these notes are sooo good, I was waiting for them since the start of last year, but I thought I better not put pressure on you, after seeing how awesome your notes for physics and chemistry were. I really appreciate your dedication in making these, and posting them for free! If I could please give you a suggestion, it would be to add page numbers, I'm sure this isn't much work for you, but it would really help, especially if you have printed them out, even if you don't get to doing that, they still work and it will be fine without them as well. I really cannot thank you enough!!!!! I still don't think I have said thank you enough, so thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Thank you so so much
    Tejveer Randhawa

  2. You've literally saved me