02 April 2014

#117 Antenatal care

Ante-natal (before birth) care is a routine care for the healthy pregnant woman.

Dietary needs

Before the baby is born, it obtains all its dietary requirements from its mother through the placenta. The mother’s diet needs to be balanced so that’s the fetus receives all the materials needed for healthy growth and development.

If the mother’s diet is deficient in any nutrients, the bay may not develop properly. So her diet should contain plenty of:
  • amino acids ---> healthy grow and development
  • calcium ---> development of the skeleton
  • iron ---> red blood cell formation
  • energy (carbohydrates/ fats) – help to move mother’s heavier body.

  • gentle exercise (swimming, walking…)
  • special exercises 

Things to avoid
  • drugs: aspirin, heroin
  • smoking: nicotine and CO  
  • alcohol  drinking
  • viruses: HIV, rubella (can pass across the placenta, risking the fetus health).


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