16 March 2014

#113 Reproduction in humans - Reproductive system

Reproduction in humans is when the male gamete (sperm) fuses together with the female gamete (ovum/egg).

At first, it is just one single cell, which duplicates over and over until after 9 months…… TA-Dahh! - A baby is born!

Male reproductive system

  • Testesproduce sperm and testosterone
  • Scrotuma sac that keeps testes cool (outside body)
  • Sperm ductslink testis to urethraallow passage of semen containing sperm
  • Prostate glandproduce alkaline fluid ---> semen
  • Urethra: urinate; pass semen (+sperm) through penis
  • Penis: become firm, inserted into vagina during sexual intercourse ---> transfer sperm 

Female reproductive system
  • Ovaries: contains follicles, produce and stores eggs, produce oestrogen
  • Oviducts: carries ovum to uterus; Fallopian tubes = site of fertilisation
  • Uterus – where fetus develops
  • Cervix- a ring of muscles that separate the vagina from the uterus
  • Vagina: receives sperm from erect penis during intercourse 

Comparing male and female gametes

Slide Show: Reproduction from TGES Biology

Video: Human Body Systems - Reproductive System 

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