18 December 2012

#25 Use of enzymes in the food industry

Enzymes are an integral component of modern fruit juice manufacturing and are highly suitable for optimising processes. Fruit juices are extracted using an enzyme called pectinase.

Pectin is a substance which helps to stick plant cells together. Fruits like apple or orange contain a lot of pectin. The braking down of pectin makes it much easier to squeeze juice from the fruit.

Pectinase is widely used in order to:

• increase extraction of juice from raw material
• increase processing efficiency (pressing, solid settling or removal)
• generate a final product that is clear and visually attractive

Enzymes are sometimes used when making baby foods. Proteases are used to treat some high-protein foods, they break down proteins to polypeptides and amino acids for young baby to absorb the food easier.

Video: Enzymes in food production

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