17 December 2012

# 23 Role of enzymes in germinating seeds

Seeds contain stored food in the cotyledons to provide energy and materials for growth. This is usually in the form of starch – a large, insoluble molecule (long chain of glucose), that keeps the food immobile. The starch needs to be changed into a soluble molecule (sugar) with help of enzymes for the seeds to make use of.

Things to remember: 
  • In the presence of H2OGibberellin or gibberellic acid (GA) stimulates the production of amylase.
  • Amylase breaks down starch to maltose, allowing for the formation of ATP (via glucose).
  • The energy produced in the embryo is used to facilitate germination.
  • The glucose produced may also be used to synthesis cellulose - for cell wall formation.
  • Warmth helps speed up the process.