30 December 2012

#38 The equation for photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is the fundamental process by which plants manufacture food molecules (carbohydrates) from raw materials CO2 and H2O) using energy from light. 

1.The equation for photosynthesis

  • The raw materials are CO2, H2O and light energy.
  • The products are glucose (starch) and O2

2. The process of photosynthesis 
  • Green plants take in CO2 through their leaves (by diffusion).
  • H2O is absorbed through plants’ roots (by osmosis), and transported to the leaf through xylem vessels.
  • Chlorophyll traps light energy and absorbs it.
  • This energy is used to break up H2O molecules, than to bond hydrogen and CO2 to form glucose.
  • Glucose is usually changed to sucrose for transport around the plant, or to starch for storage.
  • O2 is released as a waste product, or used by plant for respiration.
  • In this process, light energy is converted to chemical energy for the formation of glucose and its subsequent storage.

Video: What is photosynthesis?