15 March 2014

#103 Negative feed back in homeostasis

Temperature and glucose blood levels regulation involve negative feedback

- a change from normal conditions (body temperature, blood glucose levels…) 

- triggers a sensor

- stimulates a response in an effector.

Glucose blood levels regulation

  • If glucose levels rise, the sensor will instruct an effector (the pancreas) to secret insulin ---> glucose levels drop below normal.
  • If glucose levels drop, the sensor will instruct the pancreas to stop secreting insulin ---> glucose levels rise.
  • This is negative feedback – the change is fed back to the effector.

Temperature regulation

  • All the time, the hypothalamus is monitoring small changes in the temperature of your blood.
  • If temperature rise above normal, actions take place that help to reduce it.
  • If temperature is lower than normal, the hypothalamus stops these actions and start actions that help to raise the blood temperature.
  • This is negative feedback - the information that the blood has cool down stop the hypothalamus making your skin to increase heat loss.    

Maintaining temperature in steady state. 

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